5 ways to combat dry skin

Dry skin can range from feeling tight and looking dull to flaky patches that can be sore. There is more to dry skin than the products you use, it all begins with dietary choices and the amount of water you consume daily. Once you have mastered drinking enough water to nourish your skin, it’s time to think about all the other factors that could be causing dry skin. Take a look at our 5 simple steps for glowing, hydrated skin.

1)    Drink more water – check in with your diet
At Wildtree, we know that what you put inside your body is just as important as the products you use on your body. Nutrition and diet can affect your skin in huge ways, which is why drinking water is absolutely vital. The human body is 60% water, so it is recommended that you drink at least eight glasses of water a day to allow for the body to function properly and receive the hydration it needs. If you aren’t seeing the desired effects of moisturising skin care alone, it may be time to consider your dietary choices. Caffeine, sugar and alcohol are also renowned for their dehydrating effects on skin. If you’re suffering with severely dry skin, reduce your intake of these foods and reap the benefits of plump, glossy skin.

To help you drink more of tasty mineral water we highly recommend the Klar Water Jug. After extensive filtration, Klar will add minerals (Zinc, Selenium, trace potassium, magnesium) back into your filtered water giving you that signature taste. 

2)    A night-time skin routine is key
It is important to moisturise your face twice a day to keep the skin’s moisture locked in at all times. Your skin undergoes lots of replenishing processes as you sleep, so using a facial oil or serum before you get in bed helps to accentuate these natural responses that help to fight against dry skin.

3)    Exfoliate the skin – remember to be gentle!
Gentle exfoliation can be very beneficial to dry skin. We must emphasise the word gentle because hard scrubbing can make the skin very inflamed, sore and only make the problem worse. Lightly removing the dead skin cells from the top layer of the skin then moisturizing straight after allows the cream/oil to reach the fresh dermis and promote hydration. Exfoliate your body with a natural sugar scrub, like our Brightening Body Scrub (insert link) in the bath or shower. It is important to remember when exfoliating your face to use something a little gentler like a organic muslin cloth, just like ours. Use a cloth alongside your cleanser to leave your skin feeling smooth and revitalized.

4)    Moisturiser – always check the ingredients!
We are true believers in the moisturising power of natural ingredients and the likes of shea and cacao butter, or avocado and coconut oil are superfoods we often use in our products. We never add essential oils or fragrances to our products because they can be very harsh and drying, stripping the skin of its natural oils - always read the ingredient labels on skin care products and avoid these ingredients! The best time to moisturise your body is usually straight after a shower as your pores will be open and ready to absorb the moisture.

vegan body butter

5)    Skip the hot shower after a cold day
The colder months can really dry out your skin, especially when there are crisp, dry winds. Often your first thought after a cold day is to jump into a hot shower to warm up, but this is one of the worst things you can do for dry skin. Try to keep your shower to a warm temperature, not hot, as very hot water strips the skin of its natural oils, leaving you feeling very dry and tight. If you really want to give your skin a treat, finish every shower with a blast of cold water for 10-30 seconds. There are so many physical and mental benefits this can achieve, from feeling more awake to aiding muscle recovery – try if you really dare!

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