Are superfoods really super?

We’re a nation obsessed with wellness and who says that’s a bad thing? In a bid to live more natural and wholesome lives, we’re turning to superfoods. Here at Wildtree, we know the potential of these plant-based powerhouses and that’s why we incorporate so many into our skincare products. Superfoods are natural sources of vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants – let’s be honest, they’re full of the things that we could all do with some more of! As we look for beauty products that accelerate our mission for total wellness, we’re turning to superfoods for our needs both inside and out.

Superfoods such as turmeric, cacao and moringa are highly absorbable by the human body because their natural properties are easily recognised when we apply them either topically or consume them.

We already know the importance of making healthy dietary choices; choosing plant-based, unprocessed, raw ingredients to allow for optimum health and bodily function. We think so much about the foods we put into our body, for us not to give the products we apply onto our skin a second thought.

At Wildtree, we stand by the statement that you shouldn’t put an ingredient onto your skin if you wouldn’t eat it. This is why we love superfoods! Not only do they support a healthy body inside, but they are so nutrient dense, they are just as beneficial for our skin.

Here are a few examples of our favourite superfoods that also feature in our products:

Flaxseeds – For those following a plant-based diet, omega 3 can be difficult to obtain as usually fish is the best source of it. Omega 3 is important to maintain heart health, and flax seeds are actually packed with omega 3, so try sprinkling some on your smoothie bowl! We use flax seed oil in our products as a solution for dry, irritated skin. The oil reduces fine lines, whilst plumping and repairing the skin.

Avocado – Avocado is full of monounsaturated fats which are also good for the heart! You can extract oil from the green flesh for skincare products as it helps the skin retain water. We love avocado oil to keep your skin feeling hydrated and to prevent the signs of ageing.

Prunes/dried plums – Prunes are one of the best natural digestion aids, as they have huge amounts of fibre. They are a great superfood to incorporate into your diet to regulate your bowl activity. Did you know prunes are actually dried plums? Plum oil is a noncomedogenic oil that promotes cell turnover, improving the overall skin texture and radiance - we are obsessed with our beauty oil that uses plum oil (insert link).

So, whether you prefer your green tea in a face mask (just like ours) or to drink in a mug, superfoods, undeniably, ARE super!

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