Chlorella: the best antiaging superfood

What is chlorella?
Chlorella. It’s probably one of those words you vaguely recognise. You may be racking your brain wondering where you’ve heard it, well think back to the distant memories of secondary school science class. Remember Chlorophyll? The phytonutrient that makes plants green amongst providing many other nutrients? Well, you’re not far off!

Chlorella, much like seaweed and spirulina, is an algae proven to have incredible effects on the skin. These algae tackle signs of ageing and restore hydration because they are rich in omega 3, B vitamins and zinc to name a few. Chlorophyll gives Chlorella a wonderful green colour and adds yet more nutritional benefit to the skin.

The benefits of using Chlorella
Chlorella is packed with amino acids, magnesium and vitamins B, C and K, meaning it is the best-kept skincare secret for anti-ageing. It has the ability to repair and restore sun damaged skin, promote collagen production and as a result, improves skin tone for a younger-looking complexion.

Anti-ageing skincare is as important in your teens as it is in your 60s! Chlorella is an ingredient that can be used for reducing the appearance of fine lines if they’re already starting to show, but also preventing early signs of ageing if you have younger skin. By equipping your skin with the right tools at an early age, you are preparing to have a healthier and therefore a more radiant complexion throughout your whole life.

As a natural antioxidant, chlorella also purifies and detoxifies the skin to allow for healthy functioning. Perfect if you’ve overindulged over a weekend and your skin is looking a little tired or even starting to break out. Chlorella is the ultimate detoxifier and youth restoring ingredient that you need to incorporate into your skincare routine!

When to use it chlorella
We recommend using chlorella all year round, but for those living in the city where pollution is high, chlorella is an absolute must. The powerful antioxidant properties protect the skin from free radical damage and other environmental aggressors.

If you feel that your skin is feeling a little irritated and dry, then using products containing chlorella will calm inflammation and plump skin to restore a more youthful glow!

Chlorella Cleansing mask
It’s a well-known fact in the skincare industry that topical application, along with the consumption of superfoods, can increase the amount of nutrients your body can uptake. That’s why we’ve used chlorella in our Cleansing Face Mask.

Gently enough to be suitable for all skin types, (particularly amazing for those with oily and blemish prone skin), the mask tackles any redness or inflammation you may be suffering from, as well as mattifying and deeply cleansing the skin.

We recommend using the mask 2/3 times a week to detox and brighten your complexion. Always finish off with a few drops of Baobab Oil pressed into your face to help lock in moisture.

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