How to look after your skin beneath the chin

With so much to remember about caring for our face, it is no surprise we often forget to show the rest of our body some love. We have put together some simple ways to fight signs of ageing, aid general bodily functions and most importantly, help you to feel good in the skin you’re in.

The golden rule
If there is one thing you take away from reading this article it is that SPF is your best friend. You should aim to wear sun cream not just on your face, but all over the body when our skin is in direct contact with the sun. When purchasing your SPF, look for the higher factors - factor 50 is always desirable. Factor 15 sun creams are just not effective at protecting you from the sun’s harmful rays. Sun damage is one of the worst causes of skin ageing, not to mention the possibility of developing skin cancer as result of over-exposure to the sun whilst not wearing protection.

It’s so simple, if you’re wrapped in a coat and scarf for a winter’s day, then your arms won’t be exposed to the sunlight, and you don’t need to worry about SPF. But, on warmer days when your body is less covered, SPF is a must.

Exfoliate those dead skin cells
To keep your skin feeling soft and hydrated, try exfoliating in the shower or bath. There are so many products out there to try, from loofahs to body scrubs just like ours (insert link to body scrub). The great thing about our body scrub is that it gentle on the skin, which is just as important for the skin on your body as it is your face. Exfoliating any dead skin cells, aids skin cell turnover and leaves you glowing all over.

Moisturize those fresh skin cells
Once you have worked some exfoliation magic, pro-long your silky-smooth skin with a body butter (insert link to body butter). Nothing says self-care like covering yourself head to toe in your favourite moisturiser. This step is important during every season; in the winter when your skin can be severely dry, and through the summer, when the sun can leave you feeling dehydrated both inside and out.

Invest in a dry brush
There are a couple of handy tools that we should mention to keep your skin in great condition and a dry brush is one of them! It is believed that gently sweeping the brush across your body can help with lymphatic drainage and increasing circulation. The brushing motion is also said to open pores which stimulates the flushing of toxins out of the body.

Get to know the gua sha
Another tool we recommend using is a gua sha. This technique is used in traditional East Asian medicine and can treat muscle tension, headaches and reduce puffiness on the face/neck and shoulders. Firstly, apply an oil to the décolletage and face and use the gua sha to scrape the skin in different directions. Be careful not to pull the skin or press too hard – at no point should you feel any pain. Focus on downward movements for the neck and shoulders to promote lymphatic drainage. We often carry stress in our shoulders and necks, so after a stressful day, working through any knots feels like heaven. In fact, this article is full of little moments of self-care to help you glow from head to toe.

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