Our products are even more eco-friendly now!

At Wildtree Skincare we are always mindful of the environment and believe that organic beauty products should not come at the cost of the planet. 

We are proud to say that we only use glass jars/bottles for our products, and we just switched our plastic lids to aluminium! This is a big deal for us as the journey wasn't easy. But we made it! 

It was important for us to source lids that will also look great with our branding. We didn’t want to compromise on the visual aspect of the product as we know that this is something our customers value. 

Our packaging is as minimal as possible. We don’t see the need for unnecessary outer packaging. Any materials we do use for packaging and postage will always be paper/cardboard and fully recyclable. 

Whilst our glass jars are also recyclable, we encourage our customers to be creative and upcycle the jars. Don’t forget to send us a photo of how you re-use your Wildtree jars!

We are pleased to be a part of the One Tree Planted initiative, meaning for every order that is placed with us, we plant a tree. One Tree Planted is a non-profit organisation focused on combating global deforestation.

Tackling environmental issues as a small brand is not an easy task. We are not perfect, but we know that small changes are what will make the difference. 

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