What are the benefits of natural skincare?

Skincare. With retinoids here and active acids there, it can be really overwhelming trying to make sense of it all. We like to follow one rule, if you wouldn’t eat it, then don’t use it on your skin. By championing the power of superfoods and natural ingredients for your skin (not just inside your body!), we ensure Wildtree products are both gentle and nourishing. Natural skincare has become more popular in recent times, and this has led us to take a deep dive into the craze and show you the amazing benefits you can reap, whilst ensuring you don’t fall for any marketing tactics.

The first thing to know with natural skincare is that ‘natural’, ‘organic’ and ‘plant based’ have become buzzwords in the beauty industry, with some brands falsely capitalizing on the trend. Unlike the food industry, there is little regulation controlling when companies can label a product ‘natural’ or ‘organic’. Beware of this when purchasing natural skincare - always check the ingredients list!

It’s beneficial to learn about some of the ingredients non-natural skincare brands pack into their products and perhaps why you should be avoiding them.

Fragrances and alcohol
This one is a more general warning for all types of skincare because all fragrances, whether natural or chemical, should be avoided if you suffer from dry/sensitive skin. Things like essential oils can really dry out and irritate skin, so best to avoid them where possible.

Alcohol, however, doesn’t appear in natural skincare. Similarly, to fragrances though, alcohol is seriously dehydrating for the skin as it strips away the naturally occurring oils. If you have ever found your skin to be really tight and dry after using a cleansing product for example, check out the ingredient list, you may be surprised!

Mineral oil
Many skincare companies pack their moisturizers with mineral oil. Mineral oil is derived from petroleum and simply put; the molecular size of this product is too large for our skin to absorb. When a product cannot be absorbed, it will sit on the surface of your skin, clogging pores and causing all kinds of irritation. When using natural oils, such as plum oil (which you can read more about here (insert link to article), your skin drinks up all of the wonderful fatty acids and antioxidants because the oil is easily recognised by the skin (as a natural product), meaning it will penetrate deep into the layers of dermis.

Most non-natural skincare products are full of parabens which are used as a preservative to improve the shelf-life of products. These chemicals are very harsh and often our skin can’t tolerate them, particularly if you have sensitive skin. These ingredients as well as other emulsifiers and preservatives provide no benefit to your skin at all, they are purely incorporated for texture, shelf-life, scent, etc. Wouldn’t you want a product that is packed with ingredients that offer nutritious value to your skin?
Another benefit to natural skincare is the potential harmful effects on the environment that some ‘chemical’ skincare causes. In particular, organic produce is grown under strict regulations where pesticides and fertilisers cannot be used. These toxic chemicals are used in mass farming and end up in water streams, killing any marine life in their path. Similarly, when chemicals used in some skin care, such as oxybenzone (a common SPF), are washed down our drains, they end up in our oceans where their toxicity kills coral reefs.  

It’s a highly contested subject in beauty right now whether natural skin care is better than ‘chemical’ skincare. We think it is important to do your research and make the decision for yourself. In our opinion, the benefits of natural skincare are clear and that is why we advocate this with our completely natural, organic products. We love the nutrients and vitamins that natural products bring to our skin - and how easily they are absorbed! Maybe it is time to question whether your skincare routine is delivering effective results? You can achieve more with your skin care and with the number of fantastic brands raising the game with their natural products, the time to switch to natural has never been better.

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