What is Baobab Oil?! 5 Benefits of Using Baobab Oil

Baobab Oil is one of our best selling products, and there are many reasons for it. This versatile golden oil has exceptional properties and is packed with vitamins, minerals and unsaturated fatty acids. It is a fantastic moisturiser that absorbs deeply in your skin.


Not everyone knows about Baobab Oil, and I always receive many questions about this product. In this post, I will tell you a bit more about this "Gold from Africa" and explain why it is so good for your skin and hair.


Vegan Baobab Oil


Baobab Oil is derived from the fruit of the African baobab tree, often called "tree of life", some of which can live as long as a thousand years or more. The production process of Baobab Oil is cold pressed, and it has a golden-brown colour with a pleasant, slightly nutty scent.


Here are my five favourite benefits of Using Baobab Oil.


Due to its light, quickly absorbing consistency, baobab oil can successfully replace your moisturising cream and makeup base. You can use it in your morning and evening routine as the oil absorbs quickly and does not leave any grease. And the good news is: Baobab Oil won't block your pores.  


Baobab oil is excellent, especially for dry, damaged skin as well as sensitive and prone to irritation skin. It has strong moisturising properties, which will improve the skin elasticity and unpleasant itching caused by dryness of the skin. It will also boost your collagen production, which helps to smooth the wrinkles and delays the formation of new ones.


Thanks to the high content of essential fatty acids, Baobab Oil supports the regeneration of the epidermis and rebuilds as well as heals minor wounds.


How to use it: Apply a few drops daily to clean, slightly damp skin and massage gently until absorbed.


Cleaning your face with a nutrient-rich oil like baobab oil won't leave your skin greasy. You can easily remove your make up by massaging a few drops into your skin and eye area and wiping it off with a muslin cloth.


Baobab seed oil can be used for all hair types; however, it is particularly great for dry, brittle hair. Regular use will restore damaged hair's elasticity and shine. It will also protect your hair for the harmful effects of weather conditions and chlorinated water.


A bit of baobab oil applied to the scalp soothes irritations, moisturises the skin and eliminates peeling of the skin.


Add a few drops of Baobab Oil to your conditioner before applying on your hair or use the oil directly to your washed, dumped hair.


Regular use of Baobab oil will help to reduce the newly formed scars and stretch marks due to the high content of vitamin C and antioxidants.


Baobab oil is rich in Vitamins and omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids which can help to treat eczema, psoriasis, rosacea and other inflammatory skin conditions.


Use our Baobab Oil on your cuticles before bedtime to maintain healthy looking nails


Did you know?
Baobab powder, made from the fruit, contains more antioxidants than any other fruit on Earth and is an incredible SUPERFOOD.





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