What is plum oil? The hydrating hero in organic skincare

It’s not often we come across a single ingredient that tackles most skincare concerns, but sometimes we discover a hidden gem that deserves to take centre stage. Introducing plum oil, a light-weight oil packed with fatty acids, antioxidants and essential vitamins, meaning it is the answer to your glowing, hydrated skin prayers!

Naturally occurring in anti-inflammatory properties, plums have been hailed as healing and restorative superfoods in Asian cultures for centuries. If you’re suffering from mild irritations, sensitive skin or acne, this oil will sooth and relieve your skin, whilst never clogging your pores as it is noncomedogenic.

Living in a built-up area can mean your skin is susceptible to free radicals such as pollution, not to mention the harmful UV rays that we should all consider with our daily skin care routine – even on those dark, rainy days UV rays can damage your skin! Plum oil will act as a protective barrier against these effects, preventing pigmentation and those pesky dark spots.

All skin types can benefit from this skin care saviour- even oily skin as the bad oils are balanced and replenished with the vitamin-rich, hydrating oil. The product also helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles by improving skin elasticity and promotes cell turnover and repair. The eternal quest for a bright, smooth and plump complexion has been resolved with the use of this miracle oil.

The oil is easily absorbed which means it is perfect for use beneath heavier creams during the day or a few drops squeezed into your night serum. Always ensure you’re massaging into the face and neck for optimum anti-aging results.

If your skin is looking a little lack-lustre, perhaps dull and dry, then we definitely recommend incorporating plum oil into your skincare. It is the hero ingredient in our brand-new facial beauty oil which you can shop here: https://www.wildtreeskincare.com/collections/wildtree-skincare/products/beauty-face-oil

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