Eco-Friendly & Ethical Brand

Ingredients and Testing
We use only safe and nutrient-rich natural ingredients.

 Our soaps are full of the naturally produced glycerin, occurring during the soap making process. We do not remove this natural moisturizer from our bars.

All of our products are vegetarian most of them are vegan.

 We do not purchase any materials that have been tested on animals at any point during the manufacturing process.
Palm Oil
As palm oil is associated with the destruction of the orangutan habitat, we decided to keep away from this and replace it with other ethically sourced oils.
We do not use palm oil or any ingredient derived from palm oil in any of our products.
We use recycled or recyclable materials and packaging wherever possible in order to reduce our environmental impact.


All of our candles are made in glass or other recyclable containers. Once your candle is finished you can wash it and re-use it in many different and creative ways.

 Our packaging is as minimal as possible.

We purchase everything that we need to make our products from fair trade or ethical suppliers who share our ethos of being good to the environment.

 We always try to support small businesses and develop good relationships with our suppliers.