Coconut Oil
 This is our favourite - the most versatile of all vegetable oils. It is suitable for all types of skin due to its nourishing, moisturizing (skin & hair), antifungal, antibacterial and antiseptic properties. It is full of unsaturated fatty acids that support the regeneration and nourishment of the skin, without leaving it oily or irritated.
We like this so much in our soaps because it produces a natural creamy foam.
If you ever wondered whether coconut oil is good for you.... Well we truly believe that the answer is YES!
Shea Butter
 This is the second basic ingredient we use in our skincare products, because of its richness in vitamins A and E. These vitamins visibly smooth the skin, rebuild tissues and prevent disintegration, thereby smoothing wrinkles.
Of course, we are not miracle workers! But these are vital natural supports for the processes in our tissues.
Olive Oil
 An irreplaceable natural cosmetic that is always very useful in our studio. Olive oil is rich in vitamin F, which protects our skin against excessive losses of moisture, and protects the lipid barrier in our skin. It is also a natural filter that protects us against harmful UV rays, stimulates blood circulation and increases skin resistance. What more could you want?
Castor Oil 
This is one of the most underrated oils on the market. It is used to regenerate the skin (e.g. damaged heels or elbows), has soothing properties, accelerates the healing of the skin, moisturizes and, like olive oil, builds up a protective barrier for our skin. In addition, this oil has great foaming properties.
Linseed Oil 
This is made from flax seeds, which are full of mucous substances that moisturize and tone our skin. It also contains organic chemicals which have anti-inflammatory properties. Linseed oil is one of the best oils used in cosmetics, thanks to the fatty acids linalool and linoleum, and vitamin E (an antioxidant). It accelerates epidermal regeneration, treats inflammation, and prevents rapid skin ageing and peeling of the skin. Personally, I cannot imagine using a soap without linseed oil, which is delicate and smells slightly nutty...
Cocoa Butter 
You only need to smell it and you will know why we love cocoa butter :) This lovely butter adds hardness to the soap, which makes the bar more efficient. The cocoa beans from which this butter is made contain more than 53% fat, which moisturizes and nourishes your skin without making it greasy. Cocoa butter is recommended for children and allergic skin, as well as those with other problems because it softens it perfectly.